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Standard-Construction Units

These are mainly used for construction sites, fairs, festivals, and special events. Comes standard with urinal, coat hanger, 2-roll toilet paper, and hand sanitizing spray.
VIP Flushing Units

These units are used for weddings or formal events. Comes standard with coat hangers, mirrors, 22-gallon sinks, soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser, foot flushing, 2-roll toilet paper, hand sanitizing spray, toilet seat wipes, LED motion activated lighting , shelves in the corners to put purse, phone, etc, and a larger floor space.
Handicap ADA Approved Units

These units have full length handrails, level floors for easy wheelchair access, coat hangers, 2-roll toilet paper, no urinal, hand sanitizing spray, and enough floor space to move around comfortably in a wheelchair.
Glacier ll Standard

These units are mainly used for weddings, backyard parties, graduations, formal events, etc. Comes standard with mirror, coat hook, 2 shelves with drink holders, urinal, and hand sanitizer.
Tag Along Handwash Station

Comes standard with 2 soap dispensers, 2 locking paper towel dispensers, and a foot operation. This station will hold 22 gallons of fresh water and 24 gallons of waste water. This is a self contained unit.
250 Gallon Holding Tank

This tank holds 250 Gallons, has (10) 3'' ports and 1() 10'' port.

Length is 84''

Height is 14''

Width is 40''

Weight is 80lbs

Used mostly under job site construction trailers.
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